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The Winter Of Our Indifference

Two familiar souls,
Walking in the desert of solitude,
Not recognizing each other,
Burning in our indifference.
Two wild horses,
Brutally tamed,
Hypocrisy our master,
And us, his slave.
The desert a frozen land became,
A cold, cold pole,
On a winters day.
Distance between us,
Coldness amongst us,
We could heat each other up,
Merge into one soul,
Let the ice melt,
And the cold burn.
But no, here we stand,
Frozen in time,
Two ice statues,
Staring in silence.
The snow shall continue to fall,
The wind shall continue to scar,
Occasional heat will make,
The ice in my eyes, melt,
And go down.
A wild, wild tear,
Will freeze in my heart,
And you will never notice,
Never have, never will.
And our winter days,
Shall forever remain,
Until the end of our days,
No life between the ice shall appear,
No grass, no flower,
No sweet music will ever be heard,
No stories to be told,
Just the wind,
The evil wind,
Will whisper in our ears,
Tell us what would’ve been,
And now impossible is,
And just like the wind,
It will pass,
Pass right through us,
And we may never notice,
Not until the ice melts,
The snow stops,
The distance is erased,
And you and I,
Stand face to face,
Heat emanating from us,

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