BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'The Winter Whispers'

All over the world it is cold outside
And people are mostly staying inside
Many still wonder about
As if it is a sunshine filled day

Many get depressed when
Winter really sets in and they lose hope
Thinking upon the thoughts that are not good

Why do so many of us miss the opportunities
That a cold wintry day brings
For many times a cold day when we
Can’t get out we can still do many things

We could take the time to do things which
We seldom do together, such as snuggle in a warm bed
Turning our negative thinking into positive instead

Staying inside for long periods of time
Does bring sadness and wrong emotions surface
And even built up stress

The snow can be used to make homemade ice-cream
The ice is pretty to look at
Little squirrels scurry around for food
On cold sunny days too
See there are lots of things one can do

Hot cocoa warms the body
Brings families closer together
So friends put on a smile
No matter what the weather!
© 2003 Becky LaPrarie

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Dear Becky My favourite line'So friends put on a smile, no matter what the weather'Yes there is hope in this. God Bless.........Love Duncan