The Wisdom Of A Child

I heard a sound behind me
The softness of a sigh
I turned to see a child
and I couldn’t just walk by

She sat on concrete steps
Her elbow on her knee
Eyes shining with fierce passion
As she looked up at me

Her hair hung round her face
In waves of golden brown
No smile did touch her lips
And yet, also no frown

Her eyes hid many stories
Of life in poverty
Her eyes asked many questions
As she looked up at me.

I saw the fear and sorrow
Of someone been betrayed
I saw the dirt and filth
The clothes so old and frayed.

But despite her hidden suffering
Her spirit flew so free
I saw her strength and wisdom
As she looked up at me

I felt so humbled by her
That I knelt down on that street
I felt that I belonged there
At this street child’s feet

“There is no reason to feel guilt”
“Or feel bad, you see;
I love that I have my life
And so you look up to me”

“And even if I’m cold” she said
“Or I’m starving to my death.
I will enjoy my life
While in me there is breath”

“And you must understand,
You must just let yourself be,
Let your true self shine out
And then you too will be free”

by Elinor Auerbach

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Comments (2)

Very Beautiful poem it touched my heart deeply
We can all learn from children.. Colin J.. We just need to listen