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The Wisdom Of Chief Seattle

The wisdom of Chief Seattle will live forever
Though he used his words in such a simple way
For decades beyond his lifetime his words still living
And they will live for centuries beyond today.

He was not one who was highly educated
And to his name no university degrees
But he was one who had an inborn wisdom
And such wisdom does live on for centuries.

Chief Seattle was one who knew much about Nature
To the Earth Goddess respect he did pay
The World was better for him living in it
So many lessons in what he had to say.

Chief Seattle he was an unsung World leader
In inborn wisdom the one destined to lead
Nowadays we need a World leader like him
But in life we seldom do get what we need.

Nowadays we have the bureaucratic type of leaders
And success seems to come to those who cheat and lie
But the wisdom of Chief Seattle will live forever
And the wisdom of Chief Seattle will never die.

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