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The Wise Are Few

There are many educated people in the World who are known to be knowledgeable on various subjects too
Who for a living are gainfully employed and good at the work that they do
These things as we know are important in life and respect to them for this is due
Suppose you cannot be true to anyone if to your own self you cannot be true
But this is only one aspect of living life for to live as a good person a beginning that is all
Some people who earn their living in the honest way in some of their ways can be quite small
Truly honorable people are in minority not many to be found anywhere
Though in search of them you may travel far and wide in the bigger World out there
True goodness it is quite a relative thing what is relative to some to others may not apply
And that there are many good living people in the World is something one cannot deny
Yet people of wisdom the rarest of all one does not have to be well educated for to be wise
That wisdom and education little in common do share is something many do not seem to realize
And when i say that wisdom when it comes to people is at a premium i am not saying anything that is new
For there are many who are well educated but the wise now as they were always are few.

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