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The Wise Man On Football

Where a given number of players from each team compete physically for one ball
A wise man once said to me this makes no sense at all
Why not give every player a ball each to play with and there would not be any injuries
Such as broken bones and torn hamstrings and serious injuries to the knees
Whilst many may laugh on at what he has to say
On football in dismissing his views in such a way
But on what he has to say there is some sense to be found
On a group of men in a park chasing one football around
The wise man has never watched a game of football in his life
At the weekend he goes for a drive out the country with his children and wife
He could not even tell you the teams in the weekend's big game
Suppose we would be boring if all of our interests in life were the same
On football there is some sense on what the wise man does say
When he says they should give every player their own ball with to play.

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