(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

The Wise Men From The East!

The Star of Bethlehem appeared
As guiding light for men from east;
The Star was there for all to see;
Its light could reach all eyes earthly.

But knew the three Magi only,
Who understood its importance;
They fixed their gaze upon the star
And journeyed forth from quite afar!

They brought with them some priceless gifts;
Gold, myrrh and frank-incense- offering;
For they were sure to see a king;
As per the Scripture’s prophecy.

But on their way, they met Herod;
The king told them a pack of lies,
As though he yearned to see the babe
King, born of the Virgin Mary!

God brought the Magi to the spot
Where baby Jesus was just born;
The star stood where the manger was
The new-born king lay on dry grass!

Swaddled in clothes with divine look!
They knelt with reverence and took
A glance of the heavenly king,
As angel choirs began to sing!

Oh, what a joy and what great peace,
Had come upon the earth that day!
The Lamb of God, born son of man,
Was Savior of the race, human.
Copyright by Dr John Celes 12-31-2006

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