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The Wise One

What others think or say of him the wise one does not care since he has his own views on success
And he does not pass on his insights to every tom fool others he does not wish to impress
He does not look up to the moneyed millionaire and on the pauper he does not look down
Whilst in company he never does speak out of turn the wise one the quiet one of the town.

The wise one to others he is never rude and others he never ignore
He never does belittle as most people do the awful neighbours from hell next door
For he is not one to judge or begrudge ill of others he never does speak
He will tell you for every strength that we possess in some other way we can be weak.

For to be Prime Minister or President he has no desire the wise one does not wish to rule
With his words he is only known to be kind with his words he never is cruel
He has a sense of humor and he can laugh at a joke he does not take himself seriously
His ego one might say is under control and so unassuming is he.

The judgements of others him does not effect the wise one has a mind of his own
He never belittle he never does judge above all of that he has grown
In his eyes the monarch and the pauper are the same before we all walked we did crawl
And he believes in the words to live and let live and he believes in a fair go for all.

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