The Wish

Poem By Sarda Mohan

The autumn wind blew noisily
Over the big, strong tree
The dancing leaf let go its hold
It wanted to see the sea
Down it came sailing thro’the wind
And landed on the river
That ran beneath the big, strong tree.

The leaf was filled with glee
It was going to see the sea.
Came an ant on its way
The little one – a runaway.
They went on
The ant on the golden ferry
Waving as they passed by
To those fishes small and brown
Peeping from their homes,

They took a break when came
A twig or a floating straw
A brief stay –
They woke up to a new day
The ant wanted to stay behind
To find itself a new home

The leaf went on
Down the river to the bay.
So happy it was to see the sea
That it never came back to the big strong tree.

Comments about The Wish

Something very bittersweet about this autumn story. You have a way with words. Warm regards, Sandra
A jolly ride for an ant from the tree to the sea. A good story peom for children.

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