(15-06-1988 / Rawalpindi)

The Witch

She smiles and conjures
The bitter curses on you
She just sits idle
Like a lone carnivore

And when you pass by
She tries to test
Your patience, your brain
Oh mudbrain...
There she is possessing you
You've been invoked...
Try to run... run run...
You are bewitched

Bah! you are a shovel
An automated shovel
You dig the earth
Without knowing your purpose
Dig dig dig....
And she would fly away
Then you would be thrown
In the corner
The snails and arthropodes
Would give you the company
So enjoy their company,
Untill the witch returns...


by Usman Hanif

Comments (2)

This is great, I also made a poem called 'The Witch'. Please read it sometime.
bakwas he hai! haha!