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The Withdrawn Invitation

Invited to The White House for tea and a sleep-over but in a New York hotel at a desk clerk he threw a phone
And George W Bush the so called one without sin withdrew the invitation he could not be seen to condone
An act of unprovoked thuggery by one he had invited to tea
Renowned actor Russell Crowe not seen as worthy to dine with the U S President and his family.

More than one hundred thousand human beings have died in Iraq in a war Mr Bush did instigate
The man who feels he has the golden key for to open Heaven's gate
Compared to Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the Russell Crowe tantrum not even a crime
Yet throwing a phone at a person in New York seen as an offense and for that he could serve jail time.

George W Bush withdrew his dinner invitation to Russell Crowe a holier than thou joke
And though I never thought even for once that he is a marvellous bloke
He has caused less grief to others than George W Bush has that's to give him his due
At least that's how I see it and to my views I remain true.

Russell Crowe will not be be dining with the Bushes not now good enough it would seem
By throwing a phone at Nestor Estrada he greatly lowered his esteem
To save the Bushes embarrassement in New York he decided to stay
But the White House made the decision for him at least 'twould seem that way.

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