I can relate to being deeply depressed.
Emotionally drained,
And mentally stressed.
I can relate to those who drink and smoke pot.
Walking somewhere and remembering I had driven,
And forgot.
And then couldn't find the car I parked...
Or remember its color!
I have been there!

But 'the-woe-is-me-syndrome'...
I did not apply to my life like some.
Some people are there like they belong.
They dance the same routine and sing the same tired song!
It is as if whatever possible thing on Earth can happen...
But just to them.

And they seek to wallow away in their grief.
Wishing to share it with whomever they meet.
And it gets difficult to express a sincere empathy in their need.
Because they will take it and keep it fresh.
Without making an attempt...
To get over their sorrows.
Or the ones collected that they have borrowed.

They do not wish to address their agonies at all.
They wish to keep them as if visitors.
Making them welcomed until they do not leave!
Hoping no one notices...
They have become too comfortable,
In their pity party where time kept has stalled.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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