The Woes Of H20

I truly Envy a drop of water
The life it lives is better
Never turns around to suffer
Never stops to ponder

it may move at a slow pace
Knowing it is not a race
Enjoying as it leaves its trace
On my left white shoelace

O I truly despise a drop of H20
To travel onward it never says no
As I can't merely just go
Yes this is my undeniable foe

Why can't I live my
Mere existence which is my life
Without Shyness, indecisions, and anxiety
As my unsupportive nagging Wife

This moment I am now in pain
As it's not clear skies but rain
Family and friends of water in this lane
Enough to make this mortal insane

O there is somewhere I must put the blame
For this existence to be of Shame
Tame and irrationally Very lame
Low expectations has been my aim

Self Realization unfortunately has no fame
I must generate change in this game
For not Human is my name
Or I will simply stay the same

Shall I go back to blame the water?
Or point fingers to my creator
Maybe I shall finally look in the mirror
To stop being just a soul babysitter

I do not envy a drop of water
My life can be better
I will not suffer
Because I have the gift to ponder.

by Jose Duran

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