The Wolf Pack

Some hunt at dusk
Some hunt at dawn
We hunt at any time
At our Alpha's howl
We all join in
A prolonged, mournful sound
Then we rise, stretch and scratch
And howl some more
To discover whereabouts
The other packs are running
The caribou are on the move
Tired from their journey
Off we lope at a steady pace
Now's the time for feasting
But first to catch our prey
Noses high, we sniff the wind
For the scent of that sweating meal
Our luck is in, for here they come
We did not have far to run
We watch, we wait, patient now
Until we spy
A lame doe, stumbling
Then we give chase, scatter them
And singling her out
She struggles, belowing, but the others stay away
So swiftly now we pull her down
And it's every wolf for himself
As the doe gives up her life
We feed, we feast
There's enough for all
It's Nature's way that her blood flows
To keep ours pumping

by Marilyn Shepperson

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A brilliant write, Marilyn. You've got right inside the skin of a wolf... Love, Fran xx