A Lonely Man In A Lonely World Walking The Ways Of Life

Lonely man,
Lonely world,
And lonely the ways of life.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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I read this three times, and each time I liked it better than the time before. This is amazing. I always wondered as a child when I first heard this story why the wolf didn't just eat her right away. I always thought, Man, that was one stupid wolf! Too bad Agha Shahid Ali is not around anymore to explain all the other fairy tales to us!
Its true that perceptions differ quite often from people to people... The poem is an excellent example for the metamorphosis of a human mind and how many varied forms that it can take right from being sturdy serious to lukewarm fun...... Actually I now agree with your story, my story, and the actual story has a lot more to say....
Thinking 'the other way around'- -part of the examined life. MM
............excellent write....was nice hearing the other side of the argument ★
It struck me...who thinks the other way round?who thinks about the next other reason for watsoevr has happened..m still wondering
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