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The Woman

Independent, Liberal, Spirited, Intelligent, Smart and Art lover; Darling you don't need any more weapons. I'm already dead. Forget 221B bakers, you're are the wonder of the stonehenge.
Dear Ms. Adler,
You have shot me at point blank range. The proud colosseum of me, is now a mere ruin. My Taj has been abandoned by the moon. Hanging Gardens of Babylonia, that's all I have been. Like Torre pendente di Pisa, now I lean.

I wish I had intelligence to read your nerves. The power of a telepathist to understand your inner curves.
To know, what intellects have you been served?
Dear herb,
You are 'The Woman' I have always strived. As the world knows, I'm not deprived. But in such a cyclonic swept away, how could I have survived?

by Abhinav Maurya

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