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The Woman From Indonesia

She doesn't use hair dyes or makeup to hide ageing signs away
The woman from Indonesia her hair is silver gray
A beautiful brown skinned woman of average build and height
And her smile is infectious she seems carefree and bright.

Her husband died in ninety six it's been said that he met with foul play
But that's another story one for another day
She grieved for him for a few years his loving and faithful wife
But she's put all of that behind her and got on with her life.

Her two daughters in their twenties of twenty two and twenty three
But they live in North Queensland and them she seldom see
They keep in contact with her through letter and by phone
yet she doesn't seem unhappy for one who lives alone.

The widow from Jakarta City is fifty five years old
And she is warm and friendly and in her nothing cold
She has had her share of crosses but she keeps soldiering on
And she is one you won't hear say that her better days are gone.

The woman from Indonesia lives far from her old home
But in Hallam in Victoria where she now reside she is well liked and well known
And she makes friends quite easily in her own charming way
The smiling one from Java with hair of silver gray.

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