The Woman From Kasipul

Poem By Bironga Chadwick

I will marry the woman from Kasipul,
The one with greasy lips,
And charming chubby cheeks.
The one whose beautiful buttocks,
Have carried a mountain of meat.
The one whose fertile breasts,
Have two dots that jewel her chest.
That is the woman I'll marry.
I'm in love with everything she has carried.

People say she's fatter than a pig,
But she's still the woman I will dig.
Even if her thighs are big,
I'll dive between them and sink.

I'll marry the elephant from Kasipul,
The one with oval arms.
You can rant about weight,
But at night I'll float on her waist.
You can rant about her armpits,  
But with her by my side I'm happy.
You can talk about how she sweats,
But her sight makes my rod spit wet,
She is the woman I'll marry...
I'm in love with everything she's carried.

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