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The Woman From Mexico City

She arrived here from Mexico City about seventeen years ago
And she's just had her thirty eight birthday a night out with her husband Joe
They live in Box Hill in Victoria where he has lived for most of his life
And she says in her beautiful accent 'me lucky to be good man's wife'.

Me lucky to wed a good fellow, a good, kind and strong Aussie man
Though to live on here in Australia was not in my long term plan
But since me fell in love with an Aussie such happiness me has come to know
A long way from Mexico City and my poor Homeland of Mexico.

Me still think of Mexico City and me brothers and two sisters there
And mum and dad gone to the reaper and away from all worry and care
They deprived themselves for to feed us for to care for us they went without
In the slums of Mexico City there's poverty and want about.

Where human rights seen as a stranger and where one won't find a fair go for all
In the open sewers of me home city the disease carrying rodents crawl
Me often tell our sons and daughters you two have been luckier than me
You've not known the sufferings and hardship of life in a Third World Country.

The woman from Mexico city is happy to live in Box Hill
But the Land she was bred born and raised in she refers to as me Homeland still
Last week on her thirty eight birthday she had dinner with her husband Joe
In a restaurant in Box Hill near Melbourne a long way from old Mexico.

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