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The Woman From Moorabbin

From her old homeplace of Moorabbin she lives far away
And though she feels that there she would be a stranger today
The memories of childhood with her does remain
And in fancy she visits the old suburb again.

Most of her childhood mentors in their long rest lay
Whilst most of those she grew up with hide their wrinkles and gray
That the passing of time bring the clock ticking on
And most of her school friends from Moorabbin have gone.

Though few in Moorabbin nowadays she would know
The past it goes with us to where-ever we go
In fancy her young friends she often does meet
And they play hide and seek in the park off the street.

'Tis now a shopping centre where she used to play
And the changes keep happening that's life as some do say
In Moorabbin today in the prime of the Spring
The golden billed blackbird on a wattle does sing.

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