The Woman I Once Was

What happened to the woman
that I once use to be?
When did I start being afraid
of jumping from a tree?

I use to climb those branches
right to the very top.
My dad would yell up at me
''OK, You better stop! ''

I use to be so fearless.
I never was afraid.
Now I cringe at just the thought
of stepping from the shade!

My courage must have left me
like so many have before.
I have to reach within myself
to get through what's in store.

I know that woman's in there.
She wants to take the plunge.
For now I'll just look off the edge
from a very distant lunge.

by Mary Nagy

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Mary you have to forget the woman you were, and be the woman you are with a reckless rampant spirit, drink life like you would a wine i see a real woman in this poem, an honest woman With a warmth allan