The Woman In Red.

That lovely woman in red,
with a little girl's mind,
reads 'Little Red Riding Hood',
and hears wolves sound.

By mistake, She smiled to me,
so, I smiled and said Hello,
her face changed suddenly,
and shouted, you are a wolf, go.

What did I do to frighten her?
I live in peace, I'm so good.
What is the matter with her? I wonder.
She reads 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

by Omar Eldamsheety

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Comments (3)

Your work is aftertaste.
The narrative progresses like a fairy tale with remarkable ease and thrives on its element of suspense. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.
Awesome poetry.............Human nature well expressed and explored....With preconceived mind things will always appear as if they are in line with thoughts. I invite you to read my poems, Thanks for sharing this nice poem.