The Woman Inside Of You

Woman how do you live with it...die for it for the moon..
..unveiled it weeps..always..yes it is forever now happy..
..It is normal why fight with your mind?
..This body..yours as it unwinds * sighs * the wind..
..does it not, find the time to cool your tears, when you cry..
..does it cry for me inside..It is normal..I recon, yes it is..
..These letters... let you know..yes they do snow..
.. to you how week..your knees do tremble and shake..
..Words brings you the joy only the smile inside could know..
..It is for the womb and yes it is true..oh woman it is you being true..
..What is that foam around your feet woman...
..looking down it is not that from the sea..?
..There it is woman..sshh...please come here..sit are tired..
..and relax..lay back..I will wash it off for you now, for you...
..dry them off for it paints your blue.. reach up for the sky it is deep inside of you....
..It's ok woman dont..cry is their in your heart, inside you..
..just to see your teeth when you smile..
..I do it, just to see the woman inside of you smile..

by James McLain

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