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The Woman Of My Dreams
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The Woman Of My Dreams

Poem By King Moala

Because you are beautiful this addresses to you
Oh how I love that I can call you my boo
I have these feelings, deep inside
feelings that I have to hide
I don't know if you feel this way too
And I don't know what to do
When we're together, I feel uptight
When your around I feel so right
I dream about what we can do
And all the things we can pursue
I yearn just to feel your touch
And when you leave, I miss you so much
I want to feel your lips against mine
And feel our bodies intertwine
But just give it time
Let your body take this rhyme
Marinate it in your mind
That I am one of a kind
You’re also someone that can’t be found in this world
That’s exactly why I’m so damn proud to call you my girl
You’re taking over my heart very slowly
And to hear your voice would be heavenly
Remember when you said that you would wait 2 years
Since that day there are just 3 little words that I want to hear
I like you for who you are and for the things that you do
When I hear the word heaven I think of you
Girl, these are a few things of a lot of things that I have to say
I wrote this for you cause I’m locked away
I just can’t stop thinking of your beauty
But I thank the lord for sending you to me

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