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The Woman Of Song

In the local pub she is always the leader in the sing along
The one who is known as The Woman Of Song
A grandmother four times she is fifty three
Of any care or worry she does seem quite free

Her brown shoulder length wavy hair is showing traces of gray
One might say physically she has known a far better day
At least two decades beyond her life's prime
Though she has retained most of her beauty despite the passing of time

Her husband at home watching sport on t v
The sing along not for men such as he
Drinking from his can of beer in the lounge room whilst on t v watching football
Doubtless each to their own does apply to all

On Friday evenings with her friends at the local pub
And on Saturdays in the bar room of The Bowling Club
She leads in the singing her voice a joy for to hear
So pleasant to listen to melodious and clear

So happy and cheerful and lovely to behold
A grandmother on her fifty third year she does not look that old
At the local pub and the Bowling Club bar she leads in the sing along
This talented person The Woman Of Song.

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