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The Woman Who Loves To Dance

The woman who loves to dance is getting on in years
Perhaps in her mid seventies one of the town's old dears
In brown hair dye she cloaks her silver gray
And it is not her fault that as young she will not stay

A champion dancer of a bygone day
Until time that does weary on her had it's say
Those who knew her as a young woman without hesitation agree
That she is not the dancer she once used to be

She has put on weight time has aged her by degrees
And from decades of dancing with arthritic knees
At senior citizen parties she dances her love of dance from her not gone
Despite her restricted movement she smiles as she dances on

Since dance it was always her great love in life
She never was married and to any man a wife
In her young years tall and athletic and lovely to behold
But time even leaves the best feeling weary and old

In her prime years her shoulder length hair was wavy and brown
Tall and attractive a rose of the town
Yet her great love of dance with her does stay
And she will be dancing on her life's final day.

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