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The Wombat

The wombat leaves his home in ground at evening in the gloaming
And through the glen the wooded glen in search of sweet grass go roaming
And across the glen the silent glen the veil of darkness creeping
And silence reign under night's cloak and all day creatures sleeping.

He climb the glen to pasture field where grass grow young and sweeter
And wombat has keen appetite and wombat is big eater
And only sound in darkened land the sound of bullock grunting
And barking fox down in the glen out for the evening hunting.

He does not fear bullock or fox these creatures will not harm him
But voice of man and bark of dog are sounds that do alarm him
And they are wombat's enemies just these two and none other
Beware of man and man's cruel dog a lesson from his mother

A badger sized beast with dark gray hair and skin as tough as leather
The wombat leaves his home at dusk 'no matter what the weather'
He leaves his burrow in the glen when shades of night are falling
To wander in a darkened land where hungry fox is calling.

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