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The Women He Fancied

The women he fancied in his young years like him have known a better day
They use anti ageing creams to cover their wrinkles and hair dye to cover their gray
Nowadays his heart does not race when he sees them or vica versa it does seem
The passion for life it has left him of love he no longer day-dream.

The passion of youth it glows brightly but as we grow older it fade
We look at life a lot more seriously and we regret the mistakes we've made
We do lack the drive that we once had and our libido is on the wane
The passion of youth is lost forever and is never to be found again.

The women he fancied in his young years have grandchildren now in high school
He himself did not work hard at his studies he sometimes sat on the dunces stool
But he did okay in his life he became a carpenter by trade
He married his greatest love Donna and a success of his life he made.

The girls he fancied in his teen years have gone their own ways in life
But the lovely one he fell in love with is the one who became his wife
He is now in his early sixties and of work he will soon call it a day
He is clearly not the man he once was and his balding head is silver gray.

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