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The Women Of The World

The women of the World as people they are great
They give birth to the children and in so doing life create
In every woman ever born a nurturing soul you'll find
The mothers and the aunties a credit to Humankind.

All mothers and non mothers we ought to celebrate
The women of the World we tend to under-rate
Get rid of Patriarchy as such we do not need
History tells us that only to war the male kind us do lead.

The women of the World their praises we should sing
They have the gift of dialogue and that's a marvellous thing
'Tis not to give his life in war a mother raises her son
You seldom hear a woman sing of battles fought and won.

To the women of the World the toasting glass we'll raise
As the glue that binds humanity they are worthy of our praise
They are the unsung heroines of our World of today
The respect to them that is overdue to them we ought to pay.

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