STJ ( / Portsmouth, Rhode Island)

The Wonder Of Snow

In the night it fell; we were fast asleep. While you silently laid a carpet deep, White gift transforming the bleak landscape. A build up of snowflakes unique in shape, A newborn creation, that we might know. Transcendent Beauty - Oh, the wonder of snow. THE OLD HOUSE WELCOMES THE NEW To watch you grow in beauty thus,
Dear house of dreams come true.
Was my delight though seeming loss -
Now all I yield to you.
In peace I go by you replaced
A sanctuary blest to hold
The precious heirlooms of the past,
The silver turned to gold.
When footsteps gently o'er you tread
And mark the sweet green earth
In deep contentment I shall lie -
A seed to find rebirth,
So grow and flourish day by day
Fulfill high destiny -
The cherished plans, the hopes repay.
Dear house beside the sea
May God be with you, ere I go
Once more I'll gaze on you
A worthy shrine to give God place,
Goodbye, I welcome you!
LIFE - ETERNITY'S MORNING Breath of God - life
Bringing infinite yearning
Boundless as ocean's surge
unsatisfied pain, exquisite,
Strife insistent.
Reaching for peace
Caught in earth's tentacles
Longing for freedom,
Locked in , ice bound
Struggling for light
Beaconed by faith
Upheld in hope
Sighting Tabor's glory -
Eternity's morning!

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