The Wonder Of You

I am thinking of you, God;
What are you doing there in heaven,
Looking down here in the universe?

You created all things, from distance to
Distance. The galaxy, the amazing things
Inside of it, the planet.
Wow! I wondered about you.

From country to country, exploring
From different system their are up to,
Their effort and success, to their
Difficulties to handle things every now
And then, the disasters comes we experience.
You are in control whatever comes around
Because if not the whole universe become dust.
What are you looking for us God,
For the whole things you created?
I wondered about you.

You see people doing their own things in
Their own different ways, in different rares.
God, what this all up to you, I wondered about you.

The sky, the sun brightly shinning in a day,
The stars and the moon in the night.
The ocean, the wave, the water, the fish
In a different kinds and colors. The trees,
The fruits, the plants, the flowers, the lakes,
The falls, the mountains, this is only one big examples
Of your beautiful creation and its absolutely amazing!
I wondered about you.

Your gift that you given to one individual
That we need to receive and discover.
The faith, the belief we have in our own.
God, what exactly you want us to do with this?
I wondered about you.

Amazing God, amazing love how sweet the
Sounds, I've been thinking about you
In my life, how great thou art.

I am wondering, the wonder of you.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
23 December 2006
9: 40 PM

by Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar

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