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EF (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)


Poem By Darren jkoeryo

Said merry ole Jane
With a blade through
Her heart, 'Ya seafarin'
Days are over! '

Said bonny old Tom
With a wink in his eye,
'I'd roll you up in clover! '
To which she replied,

Dry-eyed as could be,
'Told ya, ya seafarin
Days were over! Now
Rolls there will be...

Not remember
The sea...you'll toss,
You'll turn, tumble about.
Your 'tacking' the 'winds'

Will be me. Here I am,
With many a sail...roll
Me up, roll me down,
In me lace gown...

Now... regret your sea.'

Said bonny old Tom,
'Woman, very well said.
But, my journeys last
Six months at a time! '

Said Jane, 'Of course
I know! You'll be rollin
In bed. And your
Blasted ship

Will be mine.'

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