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The Wonderful World Of Nature

From us Humans she hides her secrets though her beauty with all she does share
The Wonderful World of Nature with her there is none to compare
A walk in her parks and her woodlands is a thing that I truly enjoy
And I have loved the Mother of Nature ever since I was quite a young boy
Her beauty it lives all around me her birds sing on bushes and trees
The white butterflies in the parkland are dancing in the sunshine and breeze
From her comes the air, water and food that we live on for our survival on her we depend
And yet we see fit to abuse her we do not treat her as a friend
The billionaires of the big World out there from Nature they take and they take
They rob her of her precious resources of stealing from her their billions they do make
Yet millions look up to these people some of our priorities do seem all wrong
We steal from the great one who feeds us the one to whom we do belong
We need her for our very survival to say differently would be a lie
I have loved her since I was a young lad and I will till the day that I die.

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