The Wonders Of A Poet And A Artist.

Poem By Raymond John

I followed the steps of Jacobs Lawrence’s.
The colors, line and details of every painting
I study every history and facts.
I wondered if I ever belong to an artist.
I followed my heart wondering if their could ever be a space of changing my future. But wondered if I could fit a fancy future in my heart.
I wondered if I ever fit in the world of poetry.
I hear words, feel the message, and feel the soars.
I open my eye; imagine the words of Langston Hugh poems.

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life is hided in a dark hole.
where the secert is locked in a box.
life is key for the futuer and life hold the key to the box.
when life is dead, the secert is lost.

The Wisdom Of My True Knowledge

True knowledge! ! !
Everyday I ask myself what is true knowledge?
I figure that true knowledge is base on skills and the activated of the brain.
My knowledge comes from the function and the focus of my words.

My Personal Resolution

The New Year will see a different me.
With clean and smooth sprit.
With the new attitude and a new person
Comes with adventures and focus.

The Fresh Island Breeze

I sniff and smell the fresh breeze
I wonder around waiting for that sprit
But it seems that the joy will end up in my soul.
I smell the breeze, it smell so fresh like the island fruits.

Springs Awake

The heart of the hills silent’s awakes, just stand and listen to trees and the birds sing that sweet mellows.
With the changing of the weather and seasons spring is about to fall off the trees.
As my restless finger squeeze between the leaves, I can see leaves hanging from the tip of the tree branch.
I close my eyes and smell the fresh breeze and listen to the love birds sing to each other.