(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

The Wooden Maze

I see a vision of the sounds very clear
They are close by ever so very near
A maze of people in a polished wooden forest
Where voices ring thorough and silence protest
This place that I see brings memories to me
Of far gone times past and young ignorance vast

This maze and these noises they mingle through my mind
As a spirit that hovers to encroach a certain kind
At the first of glance its tranquility flows
Hiding and cov’ring the snare that glows
Minds of people trained towards a steeple
Of thoughts and beliefs that comforts, deceives

Becoming haven empty to many the maze knows
To compel those back who don’t resist its blows
Through winding pathways and intricate turns
The mind lingers rather to the polished wooden furn’s
The cacophony of sounds that mesmerize and bounds
To a pattern and a pace that swirls the human race

It soothes and it calms to stop another sound
From breaking to conscience and making unbound
Deflecting minds many from the stillness out there
That seeks to enter and raise to a diff’rent sphere

A Power of love through an uttered heart grasped
The Companion of might in the silence vast


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