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The Woodpecker And The Peckerwood
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

The Woodpecker And The Peckerwood

Ivory-billed woodpecker is a long unseen bird.
Brown-nosed peckerwood disappearance is preferred!
With this woodpecker high flights are observed.
With this peckerwood ethical depths are slimey curd!
Ivory-billed fast and straight flights are spurred.
Brown-nosed moral twists and turns are absurd!
With this woodpecker at mid-day is stirred.
With this peckerwood daily thinking is blurred!
Ivory-billed rapid double knock sound is conferred.
Brown-nosed in mental race of two finishes third!
With this woodpecker trumpet sound is heard.
With this peckerwood speech is slurred!
Ivory-billed independence is undeterred.
Brown-nosed must be constantly chauffeured!
With this woodpecker the pleated woodpecker is mistakenly inferred.
With this peckerwood no doubt about what has been incurred!
Ivory-billed white on the back can be referred.
Brown-nosed yellow on the back long ago occurred!
Ivory-billed woodpecker on trees for grubs does gird.
Brown-nosed peckerwood milks male horses like the weirdest nerd!

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