Out Of Darkness

In the darkness, before Dawn alone,

Standing high, Looking far to the East,
Seeing a night sky filled with stars,
Dreaming about you,

Looking into an immense blackness,
Dotted with cosmic explosions, like flickering candles,
In darkened windows,

A bright star appears like a torch placed on a windowsill,
As if put there, too,
Guide me out of the darkness of life,

Listening, I hear the easterly wind singing,
Follow the brightest light in the sky,
Come back home to me,

For at the end of this long journey,
Guided by starlight,

You will see an Angel with a bright Halo,
That shines brighter than any star,
That warms your Soul more than any candle,

With her divine voice,
She will lead you out of darkness into the light.

by Ronald Chapman

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