The Word Is Out

The word is out,

And it's bad...

I'm so the monster held here for eternity, captive in your closet,

The one who you continue to close yours eyes too,

Shunning me daily, you forever choose to ignore me,

For this ice fortress I walked into myself, knowing only the one outcome,

Imprisoning me nightly in your paradise, I let it mentally shut me down...

Clasping my very soul in your claws I am now forever at your mercy,

For I surrendered my heart to you with arms held arrested,

Flung out to my side they so cried out your name,

But it's never enough and I am forever struck down for my actions,

Forked with your lightning I fall swallowed deep within your cage,

Encased now deep inside your walls,

This prison however, I so do adore...

For I'm here where I belong, as I'm now home...

Still close to you,

For I am the only one here continually chanting your name,

Over, and over,

I'll take your name to my grave,

As I know that you too remember me in your sleep,

However, I am just a dirty word to you,

Just a mindless apparition,

Just a ghost of our past,

Never quite there, or just a heartbeat never meant to last,

I'll serve my sentence as I so deserve my crime,

And just maybe you'll one day find the time,

To look in on me and say,



Me Myself and I


by Me, Myself and I

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