The Word Of God Stands Forever

All men are like the flowers and grass that soon will wither away,
However, the Eternal Word of God my friend forever is here to stay.

For in the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God,
Friend not only was The Word with God, The Word is Eternal God.

Jesus Christ is Lord and God and the very Living Word my friend,
He's The Alpha and Omega, and He's the beginning and the end.

Jesus is the Maker and the Sustainer of all things created on earth,
But the only way to truly know The Word is to experience a New Birth.

Then Christ will send The Holy Spirit from His dwelling high above,
He will seal you for the day of Glory, while filling you with love.

The Spirit will then start teaching you Truths from The Word of God,
And will put your feet firmly on a brand new path on which to trod.

For the natural man who lives by bread alone will not live forever,
This will only happen if following The Word is your life's endeavor.

Then His Word will be a lamp for your feet and a light on your path,
Guiding you to Eternal Glory, as Christ delivers you from His wrath.

Sadly many people live like there's no tomorrow in their own desire,
And since they thought The Word was foolish, will finish in the fire.

Like the grass they will perish at the end of their earthly endeavor,
While The Eternal Word of God in Glory continues to stand forever.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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