The Words Bridgeport Connecticut Had To Be In The Tittle

One of the hardest cities on earth
From the Eastside
Which you know is right

Father Panik Village
The place of my birth
To me the new earth (revolution)

In my city you can't get lost
You can't get turned around
Even if you 'anit'' down

‘Cause here you learn
if you don't beat
you won't get your turn

I mean beat ass
Beat life's game
Beat oppression
Beat shame

You know you're
from Bridgeport
When you reminience
About being young

You start the sentence off
'I was a bad azz kid '
With a sheepish Grin
'And I had fun with all I did'

We would as kids
Had fun
playing games
And hanging out back

If you draw a line
and dare
Any of us to
step on it

We would
And dare you to touch us
Or our Mamma's back!
(Please Just Do It!)

So, 'don't start none
Won't be none'

We grew up in a city so tuff
It's hard to love
These segregated city streets
Have a loving map from above

It must have been
The Angels that have
gone up before us
Pour out your liquor
for the loves we lost

We were in poverty
But not improvised
in the mind
Which is
'all good in the hood'
This we all understood

Just like the
(Govt) Grill cheese sandwich
All soft melty
And gooey all around

But thick and hard
In the middle
Can you hear the music?
The fiddle
People giggle

Smile on their face as
They remember that place

Hard times
lots of rain

But sometimes,
joy in pain

But sometimes
Joy in pain

But sometimes
There's joy in pain

The words Bridgeport Connecticut
Had to be in the Tittle.

by Cheryl Butler

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