The Words They Could'Ve Said

Poem By Matt Evans

All he ever needed was to be wanted
Whether by girls or his mother
Every night all he had was haunted
Even beaten by his only brother
The whole school had him daunted
It seemed that everyone marked him as an other.

He cried himself to sleep nearly every night
Being depressed would become too normal
School was the hardest all he could do was fight
People all around him were they moral
Who he wanted to be the fire inside he couldn't ignite
Each night alone in his room listening to his parents quarrel

Once in awhile he stopped wondering is it my fault
All the hate he couldn't be saved
Eventually his dad was arrested for assault
For someone to care this is what he craved
At this point he believed it was him by default
Hate surrounded him it was engraved

He wondered will anyone really miss me
Later that day at school he was triped and kicked
There was no love that was a guarantee
Each day in his room he wondered why his mom was so strict
The only safe place he could find was high up in a pine tree
Eventually he found out his mom was an addict

He began to run out of things to believe in
The kids at school killed him little did they know
In a month his stepdad would beat him
Finally he began to lose his glow
His life came to be all too grim
After all this time trying it began to show

After he died it was a serious pain to most
Times after people said they didn't see it coming
Even his whole family claimed to have been close
To those who bullied him felt more than numbing
To this day they regret not caring yet just as gross
Time passed and they realize the signs and knew it was all forthcoming.

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