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Lonely Am I
JD ( / Frazier Park, California)

Lonely Am I

Lonely are the nights
Lonely are the days
Lonely am I, in so many ways

Lonely are the seasons
Lonely are the years
So lonely am I, that it brings tears.

Lonely is this place
Lonely is my life
Lonely am I, that I reach for a knife

Lonely is this court room
Lonely is my sentence
So lonely am I that I ask for repentance.

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Comments (11)

A really beautiful prayer. It touched me and got me thinking. Inspiring writing.
Amen. A beautiful prayer straight from the heart. A.
a good prayer nice at all well done Luwi
How your faith pours from your heart into mine. I can see you as you kneel in devotion and trust you hold so precious Meggie. You have so much to teach others, through your talents and your undying love for humankind and your immeasurable belief in God. A meaningful and expressive poem. 10 Karin Anderson
Hi, I read your profile and wow.. Youre a great musician....1 So nice to know you here. dont you know I am a teacher of special program in the arts? . I teach creative writing - English. Other of my co teachers teach music vocal, music instruments, dance arts, visual arts and others. I love to hear you because you link to my specialization- music. We are ten teachers to teach different talents of students in high school. I am so blessed to meet you here. Youre poem about God is so fantastic. write more dear. Youre one of the best poet like me. I teach essay writing, poetry making, fiction writing too.10+++ for this poem about God.
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