Poem Hunter
The Working Class Blues Remedy (Porch Music For The Soul)
(12/31/1968 / hudson falls, new york)

The Working Class Blues Remedy (Porch Music For The Soul)

Reeling upon my leasure seat
At the rear stoop
With the national steel in hand
Exhilerating my soul
A moment ago
Arrived outside
Of a stenuous days employment
Mill laborer
Sweating from hoisting containers
Twelve extended hours
A reoccuring routine
Reduced pay and opressed work
At present, not rewarded completely
Now the politicians demands taxes
And distributing it back

Neighboring farmer
Introduces his deep-toned brass wind
Scarcely making sufficiently quantities
For himself
Land purchased entirely
Yet, still paying with taxes
So much unfairness
For the working class
Pleasuring oneself with musical expressions
As he seats himself
Atop the railing
Mouthing his deep-toned brass
Harmonizing with my strings

A struggling musician friend
Brings his three-valved brass
Won't yield to the big recording industries demands
Of non-passionate recordings
Which isn't the fasion
Music was meant to be performed
This is what he has to tolerate
In the music trade nowadays
Not reimbursed enough to pay all the bills
As a creative musician

A friend from the local diner
Carries with him a single-reed woodwind
He prepares, cooks and serves
Day and night
Lodging in back of shop
Enough for home
But business taxed immensive sums
Not enough for additional assistance
Merely enough for recreation
Labouring seven days a week
sixteen hours a day
Mouthing his single-reed woodwind
A remedy for the blues

Additional friend
With his lon-necked circular bodied strings
Completed with his route of deliveries
Of produce to numerous markets
Working lengthy hours
Few days straight on the highway
Taking temporary residence
In shoddy motels
With unsanitary and damaged utilities
Can merely afford fast foods
Sometimes skips meals
Sometimes only lodging in his freighter
Remain only brief moment
Back in route a day or two

Another neighbor accompanied
With his sliding brass wind
Laid off from excavating unrefined earth
Non-experienced in other occupations
So, idled at present time
Not qualified for unemployment benifits
Nor SSI, nor welfare
Applications and resumes delivered
To numerous employers
Everyday out job searching
If not, then performing odd jobs
Evicted from own home
Only dwelling at friends shed
Only gratification we own
Is our music

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