The Working Man


The best part of any man is the woman by his side,
the woman who helps him along the way,
she is the one, in whom he does confide,
she is the one who helps him make it through the day,
she will bear his children, a little girl and boy,
she will keep his home so neat, it is his pride and joy,
the years go by so slowly, his fortunes grow and grow,
he comes home from work at night, his family he doesn't know,
he doesn't have the time, to spend with them you see,
he is always working to be as rich as he can be,
his family feels so lonely, and that is a sin,
if only he would take some time, just to spend with them,
now he has retired, his children grown and gone,
the woman has her meetings, and he is all alone,
he is always asking her to spend some time with him,
but she is far too busy, and is gone with all her friends,
he looks back upon his life and remembers when,
they would ask for some time, to be spent with them,
now he stays at home alone, getting old and gray,
he often wonders why he worked every single day.

written by Harry Bryant
09/10/2000 ©

by Harry Bryant

Comments (2)

What a great and vivid portrayal of the present day society!
a keen observation of modern society. thanks for sharing.