BR (April 15,1988 / Vermillion AB)

The Working Man

Perfection is for dreamers, trying to obtain the impossible.
Check back to reality, where the working man gets screwed.
The rich & spoiled children of the world bring it crashing down.
No ambition for the poor, just the bottle and boozes.

Translated into a mathematical equation, there is no balance.
Nothing to be won, no glory. Just another day of work.
Working hard to support all the pretty girls.
Patiently waiting to take you for half your worth.

Day dreaming is for the pathetic souls, with no where to go.
Snap back to reality, where the working man gets screwed.
The drug dealing boys & the skanky girls. Bring it crashing down
There is no winning nor glory in this world of sin.

Trying to identify the good, the bad. There is no balance.
Good deeds are extinct, sins out way all the good.
So pick up your hammer & work away all these thoughts.
A metaphorical hammer, smashing all your dreams to the ground.

Promises are for manipulating lairs, trying to get what they want.
Bounce back to reality. Where the working man gets screwed.
The leaders & CEO's, burn the decent loyal people.
No remorse for the worker, its all about the almighty dollar.

Group together and kill everyone that has ever stole from you
There is no excuse to steal from the poor, the filthy poor.
Fortunes would not be realized without the working man.
Give that punch, never back down. And say Vie Le working man.!

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Comments (2)

I don't care much for telling anyone to kill, but i feel this message is felt by many many people..i for one, know what it feels like to be on the poor end..i feel like the well to do wants to stand on my shoulders so he can keep above the water so to speek...the world is a greedy place and you said it well. i gave you a 10...
what a true landscape! the working man is what uphold that world with its injustices and crimes... but don't go tearing down all the hope... we can get better, i believe.10 for the socialist piece. p.s: read up my poem 'idols', about your 'metaphorical hammer'.