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The Works Of God
(2 March 1577 – March 1644 / Bishopsthorpe, England)

The Works Of God

Great God! how manifold, how infinite
Are all Thy works! with what a clear foresight
Didst Thou create and multiply their birth!
Thy riches fill the far-extended earth;
The ample sea, in whose unfathom'd deep
Innumerable sorts of creatures creep;
Bright-scaled fishes in her entrails glide,
And high-built ships upon her bosom ride;
About whose sides the crooked dolphin plays,
And monstrous whales huge spouts of water raise
All on the land, or in the ocean bred,
On Thee depend, in their due season fed;
They gather what Thy bounteous hands bestow,
And in the summer of Thy favour grow.
When Thou contract'st Thy clouded brows, they mourn,
And dying, to their former dust return;
Again created by Thy quick'ning breath,
To re-supply the massacres of death.
No track of time His glory shall destroy;
He in th' obedience of His works shall joy;
But when their wild revolts His wrath provoke,
Earth trembles, and the airy mountains smoke.
I all my life will my Creator praise,
And to His service dedicate my days.
May He accept the music of my voice,
While I with sacred harmony rejoice;
Hence, ye profane, who in your sins delight;
God shall extirp, and cast ye from His sight.
My soul, bless thou this all-commanding King -
You saints and angels, Hallelujah sing.

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