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The World
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

The World

My mind drifts away into world
I can’t hear or see people around me
My eyes just cannot bear the weight
They just fall as if all the problems
Were rested on just a little feather
I’m lost in fact my brain is lost
My material self is here
But my spiritual self has left for someplace else
Everybody think they can make me stay
But I’ve already left, they can’t take me back
I’m in a world filled with everything
The soul ever yearns for
Peace, love, happiness, feelings of joy
Everything that this material world
Could never give to anyone
It’s a world that you’ve been craving for
But the path to it is so unclear
It’s hard to reach this place
But the end is eternal bliss
You’ve got to find the road to this world
And you’ll find it in yourself
Coz the world itself is within you
And you need to realize your self

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