(1995- someday far away / )

The World Around Me

Someday you will feel the pain that I have suffered
Someday you will find you cannot live without me
But you will never experience,
the evil that I have seen in this world.
I'll make sure of it.
Because once you've seen it,
there's no turning back.
I'll try and protect you with the good I have left,
but it might not be enough.
They'll try and get through to you,
like they did to me.
let this be a warning.
I don't want you to get hurt
but there's really no choice.
And to tell the truth,
if i could do it over, i wouldn't change a thing.
Because I realize, the evil and suffering
is what made me truly see you,
the only thing I've loved.

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no doubt..its also professionally done.. rich idea, melodious one and expresion is charming..liked it and let me say well done friend! ! ! 10+++++++