The World As A Quilt

If the world were a quilt
And I were the sewer

I wouldn’t put the colors together
I would mix them and mingle them

So they would learn to get along
And not clash

I would sew it with thread
Of many colors, never in the same pattern

And I would work on it on odd nights
When I was feeling creative

And when I could sit on the porch
And watch the sun go down

As the children play in the yard
Catching critters and sucking popsickles

Then as the men set off fireworks
I would sit in my rocking chair

And sew sew sew as the little glitter shimmers
Filled the warm summer sky

And as the children went to bed
I would tuck them in with their new quilt

Sit by their bedside and tell them the story
All the patches of different patters and colors

Represent the differences in the world
And how they should fit together

Brown for Africans
Flowered and green for summer

Red for love
Black for war

Yellow for peace
Blue for sadness

Orange for happiness
And rainbow for you and me

And then I would tell them
The world is a bitter place

But if you wear this quilt and remember this story
Then you may make a change

Love your neighbor as youself
And respect them no matter what color

Because if the colors didn’t go together
Then we wouldn’t have rainbows

And never fight
Let peace and love rule your life

For the world would be a much better place
So when you get older and have time on your hands

Make a quilt of your own
With different colors and strange patterns

Give it to your children and tell them the story
So they too

Will change the world
And live in color,

The way the world would be
If it were a quilt


by Brooke Hippie

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