The World I Left Behind

I have always been tied down by chains and tree branches
But I just kept doing what I felt, I spilled my heart
Only for myself, because I knew it’s all I had
With my heart I painted memories, fallen and sad
But as I tried to break the sorrow; I broke the branch apart
I broke through new ground, looking only for second chances

What I found was a whole new world, barren and cold
I dared not step further however, the trees were right
I had no other choice but to look another way
Discouraged and forlorn, I had nothing to say
So away I go, into the forest of Evangeline
If I ever had a chance to look back, I’d fall off the road

But if I ever had a chance, I’d think it quite a journey
To go back to that place again, just to nurture my brain
I would give myself the world again, a world full of plenty
But love and innocence can be lost, as easily as a penny
And if the sun went down, I would feel just the same
Instead I feel the warmth of knowing, I’m still alive and learning

by Robert Lawrence

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